A new home for 2020

As all members should be aware, the band will start in our new home on the first floor of building N at Victoria University Nicholson Campus as of term 1 2020. Details of the new location, directions of where to park and how to find our new home will be sent to members via Team App and will also be posted on this website in the days before we start in our new home. The satellite  image below shows where the new location is which is literally just over the railway line from our old band room.

Having seen our new home I can say that it is spacious by comparison to the current band room though does perhaps lack in that we don’t really have a kitchen. I’m sure we can manage to live without this.

Stay tuned for further information and please contact a committee member if you have any further questions. The directions will only be posted on this website a few days before we recommence as I will be on holidays until the 28th January.