Absolute Beginners Project

The aim of this project is start up a new and third youth band targeting Absolute Beginners who will develop their music ability in an ensemble of like novice musicians. The need for such a band has been identified as novice musicians have found joining an ensemble with children who have already developed skills, as being quite daunting.

The three band structure will enable children to develop their skills and progress from a novice band, through a mid-skilled band to a highly skilled band whilst remaining within the same community organisation.

Progress thus far

  • The band committee have approved the creation of a third ensemble
  • Recruitment for a new musical director is well underway with a candidate in the final stages of the process
  • The bands promotion process has been redrafted for committee approval to include promotion from the new Training Band to the Junior Band
  • Funding to cover the cost of the musical director for the first twelve month is currently underway with the band applying for the 2019 Seddon Community Banks Community Pitch event to be held in May.
  • An open night for teachers from local schools with complimentary music programs is being planned for mid term 2. Anybody interested in receiving an invitation should email president@hsyb.org.au