AFL Grand Final Parade – Event Details – Update 24.9.18 v2

Update 24.9.18 – Music Confirmed.

It has now been confirmed that HSYB and Friends will be playing the Collingwood Theme Song and supporting the only Victorian club in the Grand Final. Love them or hate them you can be sure there will be plenty of attention on this club in the parade and I suspect we’ll get much greater support than West Coast.

I have added to this post the draft music.  Pursuant to an update earlier today I can now advise that an updated arrangement is being finalised and will be distributed at the rehearsal on Wednesday. As you would expect it will be quite similar to the attached so you can choose to either have a bit of a practice with this version to get the feel for the music or if you are a fast learner, wait till Wednesday for the final version.

Final positions within sections will be worked out on Wednesday at the rehearsal.





Please find following the event details for 2018 AFL Grand Final Parade.

  • HSYB will be allocated one of the two Preliminary Finals following the Semi Finals on the weekend of the 15th/16th Sept. This will identify two clubs whose theme songs we could be playing in the parade.
  • Music for both clubs will be sources and made available for parade performers to practice in advance.
  • Following the Preliminary Finals on the 22nd Sept we will know which clubs song we will need to play in the parade
  • A final all members rehearsal will be conducted at 7.00pm on Wednesday 26th Sept at the FYCB/HSYB Band Rooms at 10A Hyde Street Footscray. All performers are asked to attend as this is our only rehearsal for this event.

On the day

  • all band members should assembly outside the Windsor Hotel at 10.30am.
  • On arrival David Greilach, HSYB President will collect wrist bands & team scarves for all participants from The Bourke Room at The Windsor Hotel.
  • Band members may leave their instrument cases in the Bourke Room of the Hotel. Entry is via Door 13 off Spring Street closest to Bourke Street – please do not use The Windsor’s main lobby for access. Registration signage will be in place in Spring Street outside the Bourke Room, so please look out for this.
  • Team Scarves are only for parade participants and will be limited in number. Guard them with your life and don’t let other family members take them.
  • Any queries please contact David on 0491 336636
  • Assembly for the parade is in Spring Street, south of Little Collins Street; our assembly area is in the GREEN section. See attached Assembly Map

Event timings

  • 10.30am: Meet at the Windsor Hotel and place instrument cases in the Bourke Room. Make contact with David Greilach and be ticked off as in attendance
  • 11.00 am: Meet band members in Spring Street between Bourke Street and Little Collins Street. Distribute and fasten wrist bands
  • 11.15 am: Report to GREEN Section Leader and Assembly Area
  • 12.00pm: Parade commences
  • 12.45pm: Parade concludes, participation finishes
  • 2.30 pm: Bourke Room closes

Parade route

  • Outside the Old Treasury Building in Spring Street
  • Travels south along Spring Street
  • Turns left into Wellington Parade and travels East
  • Turns right into Wellington Parade South and enters Gate 3, Yarra Park
  • Continues through Yarra Park the Live Site Area
  • Refer attached map

What to bring

  • Instrument
  • Lyre
  • Music (handed out at rehearsal on Wednesday 26th as below.
  • Disposable water to drink whilst waiting
  • Come dressed in uniform


  • Photo ID will be required for ONE person ( David GReilach – HSYB President) to collect the wristband from the Registration Desk.
    Accreditation wristbands will be provided to all participants and MUST be worn at all times


  • At this stage, it is intended that all performers wear either the Hyde Street Youth Band Jacket or Footscray-Yarraville City Band Jacket with a white shirt, black trousers, black socks, black close toes shoes and if a hair band is required, this should also be black.
  • A final decision on uniform will be made at the rehearsal on the 26th. If there are insufficient jackets for all performers to borrow it may be that we go simply with the white shirt or another alternative. Anyone having a blue jacket should bring it to the rehearsal and those without jackets will be loaned one at the rehearsal. Let’s all keep out fingers crossed we have sufficient.
  • If the weather looks like rains, you will be provided a poncho to wear so unless you like looking like Clint Eastwood in a Spaghetti Western, best keep fingers crossed for a fine day.

Instrument Cases / Uniform

  • Instrument cases can be left in The Bourke Room and MUST be collected by 2.30 pm. Please ensure all cases are correctly labeled with name and contact details. No bags or valuables are to be left in this room. No responsibility will be accepted by AFL or PJPE for anything missing.
    Please arrive fully dressed as we have no change room facilities.
  • I will provide all performers with a label for their instrument case but like the AFL, HSYB takes no responsibility for your personal belongings.
  • Getting to the event
  • There are many road closures on the day so best catch the train to Parliament Station. See Road Closure List attached.

Click here for details of road closures

The Parade

  • HSYB will be marching in front of Team B which means we will be towards the end of the parade. This will mean a fair bit of standing about. If it is a warm day I strongly encourage you to bring a disposable water bottle or two which you can drink and dispose of whilst waiting.

Support Personnel

  • As there are children playing in the band there will be two support people, David Greilach and Brian Heatherich. We are there to help if needed and pick up the bits band members drop.

Band Member List

  • A final list of band members for this event is as follows. No further changes are possible
Max 40 Instrument Name
1 Drum Major Joseph Vincent
12 Cornet Ben Lee
Phuong Nguyen
Gareth Holmes
Hetty Lawson
Patrick Jepsom
Sam Tapner
Ben Greilach
Steve Semmler-Farr
Jamie Lawson
Phillipa Edwards
Ngan Nguyen
Mark Gardner
1 Flugal Horn Mark Harry
3 Tenor Horn Louise Martin
Kathleen Meer
Coral Lopez-Montero
3 Baritone Emma Greilach
Elspeth Lawson
Thomasine Browne
6 Trombone James Fish
Renee Crump
Stephanie Guzzardi
Heather Allen
Isaac Williams
Danielle Blake
4 Euphonium Todd O’Shea
Nick Whittaker
Jack Murray
Josiah England
4 Tuba Thomas Godbert
Jeremy Attard
Ilana Heatherich
Jarred McCunnie
5 Percussion Sam Guzzardi
Michael Guzzardi
Katie Thomas
Liam Conrad
Robin Pennington
2 Support Brian Heatherich & David Greilach



If anyone has any queries, please call the HSYB President on 0491 336636 or email