AGM Election – Office Bearers

As a result of the AGM and the follow up EGM, I am pleased to announce that the Hyde Street Youth Band has a number of new office bearers including

  • Vice President         Winifred Beevers
  • Secretary                  Teesha Melville
  • Treasurer                 Nick Burkhardt
  • Allison Crunden     Newsletter, Facebook and Website Administrator

A number of other parents have taken on support roles including:

  • David and Rachael Vowels and Meg Moorehouse who will be coordinating BBQs.
  • Brian Heatheridge who will be assisting with instrument repairs

Staying on in their roles are:

  • David Greilach     President
  • Lisa Orme             Librarian
  • Julie Taylor          Wardrobe Coordinator

Thank you all for accepting positions with the band and to all members, please off them your support. Every little bit help. Even just washing the dishes and emptying the bins goes to reduce the load on the key personnel.