HSYB AGM – We need your help!

The 2018 AGM will be held in May with the date to be fixed in the next week or so. This year we are losing two very key personnel and need all band members to consider how the can help and support the organisation. The two positions which I am aware thus far which will need filling are the positions of Secretary and Treasurer.

  • Kylie Smith has been band secretary for at least 4 years and has done a fantastic job in managing some to the paperwork vital to keeping the band up and running.
  • Domenic Conidi is also departing after a year as Treasurer due to his son Sebastian leaving the band to focus on school and school music commitments.

Both Dom and Kylie will be greatly missed.

It is also my intention this year to try and spread the load a little more by off-loading a number of the duties that fall to either Kylie or myself. This includes creating the following positions:

  • Website and Facebook Administrator
  • BBQ Coordinator

The aim of doing this is to make each role reasonably small such that someone may be interested in taking on the role but at the same time lighten the role an other more substantive positions to also make these less time consuming.

Website and Facebook Administrator

  • The key responsibilities of this role is to look after updating our Website and Facebook pages. Kylie Smith has previously looked after the Facebook page and the President has looked after the Website. Neither are overly onerous tasks and the Website is pretty easy to manage. Kylie can explain more about Facebook. It’s actually a pretty fun task with fair degree of flexibility.

BBQ Coordinator

  • This role will be responsible for organizing the Bunnings BBQ and include managing the roster for helpers, placing orders and making sure there is someone designated for set up and clean up. With only 3 more BBQ after the AGM in 2018, this wont be a huge task. Ideally this person who also assist with getting stock to the BBQs and as such a tow ball to pull the trailer would be helpful.