HSYB AGM – Wed 30th May

The Annual General Meeting for the Hyde Street Youth Band Inc. will be held on Wednesday 30th may 2018 at 7.15pm. Those attending are asked to bring a plate along to share and some beverages will be provided.

All members are encouraged to come along to cast their votes in the election for new office bearers. All positions will be declared vacant and anyone interested in becoming involved will be able to nominate for election.

There are a number of past office bearers who WILL NOT be standing for re-election and we will be seeking a new:

  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

There will also be a number of new positions which will need to be filled. These include:

  • Website Administrator
  • Facebook Administrator
  • 2 BBQ Coordinators (1 from each band)
  • Instrument Technician

Website Administrator

The role of the Website Administrator will be to maintain the HSYB Website. This includes adding new photos to the gallery pages, updating forms etc as required and maintaining up to date posts which may include information on upcoming events or posts advising of new stuff that has been added to the site.

Our Website uses Word Press which is very simple to work with and I would be only too happy to show anyone how it works. Trust me, its actually not very hard at all and anyone with average computer skills could learn it quickly.

The time commitment for this is pretty minimal, maybe 15 minutes a week. It’s not much at all and actually helps build new skills which may be handy in the workplace.

Facebook Administrator

The role of the  Facebook Administrator will be to maintain the HSYB Facebook page, add new info about upcoming events etc and just keep it fun. Once again anyone with Facebook for them selves would have the skills to look after this page and Kylie Smith would be only too happy to explain what she does and how she does it.

The time commitment for this is also pretty minimal, maybe 15 minutes a week. It’s can be as much or as little as you want to make it.

2 BBQ Coordinators

1 BBQ Coordinator is sought from each band, HSYB and HSJB. The role is to prepare a roster for each Bunnings BBQ, check current stock and place an order with Coles for extra stock, arrange for a float from the treasurer, arrange for someone to get the stock to the BBQ and back, register the BBQ on Streetrader (online system for registering these events for council purposes) and generally look after all aspects of the BBQs.

Included in this will be responsibility for insuring the band is on the roster for the following year at both the West Footscray and Maribyrnong stores. Having access to a car with a tow bar would be advantageous but not mandatory.

The band has plenty of experience with these BBQ and anyone interested can be shown exactly what to do, where to get stock, how much to order etc.

The time commitment for this role is approx 2 hours before each BBQ plus a shift on the day. We have 3 BBQs left in 2018 (so that would be either 1 or 2 for each of the two coordinators).

Instrument Technician

This person will be responsible for helping to maintain instruments and a fair degree of DIY skills are required. Instruments are not particularly complicated and witha little training for Peter Milne, it isn’t hard to learn.

The time commitment for this position is to generally be at band each week either at the start or the end so that any kids with issues can get them looked at. As we have stock in our instrument library, it is not necessary that every problem be fixed on the spot as we can loan replacement instruments whilst others are being repaired.

President (In Waiting)

Whilst I do not wish to make assumptions, as band President, I will be standing for one more year but will not be standing for re-election in 2019. As such, I will be looking to mentor someone else to take over the role ion the future. Anyone interested need not actually stand for a formal position though being on the committee is probably best.