See you later (we hope) to Jee Kromhof

It has been 2 years since Jee Kromhof joined Hyde Street as Music Director for the Youth Band and this weekend we bid Jee what we hope will be a “see you later” rather than a “goodbye”. For those unaware, Jee has secured a position for the CFA and has been posted to Portland. It is unsure how long this posting is likely to be for and and it may well be that in a years time, we are embracing Jee again.

Whilst Jee may return, nothing is sure in this world except death and taxes as they say and as such we will bid Jee a farewell with all due respect this coming weekend at the Carols in Yarraville Gardens, we he conducts the Youth Band to perform Grease.

Jee arrived in 2016 after we bid a sad farewell to the then Director, Murray Walker. He has lead the band to the 2017 National Junior C Grade Championship in Launceston, the Victorian State Junior C Grade Championship, after which the band was promoted to Junior B Grade. He then lead the band to National Junior B Grade and Victorian Junior B Grade championships in 2018. A fantastic track record.

Jee arrived a stranger with a passion for music and incomparable energy. He leaves a friend who we hope will return.

I am confident that I speak for the whole band when I say “Thank you. You’ll be missed.”