About Us

The Hyde Street Youth Band (HSYB Inc.) is based in the Raleigh Road Activity Centre in Maribyrnong, which is an inner-Western suburb of Melbourne, Australia.  Click here for details on how to find us.

Although HSYB Inc. members are primarily drawn from the surrounding area, there are no geographic restrictions, and we have members coming from a broad range of suburbs across Melbourne.

Formed in 1928 as the band of the (then) Hyde St. Primary School in Footscray, the HSYB  Inc. has long been associated with the tuition of young people in brass instruments. Many professional and well-known musicians have made their start with the HSYB, and we continue that great tradition by assisting our members to develop their musical skills in a professional and supportive environment. A brief history of the band can be found in the “History” section of this web site.

The HSYB Inc. offers three youth oriented music ensembles in the traditional British ‘brass band’ style; a “Training Band” for children with little or no experience, the “Junior Band” for children with a moderate level of experience and the “Hyde Street Youth Band” for experienced musicians looking to challenge their skills.  Both the Training and Junior Bands provide a nurturing environment for inexperienced members developing a basic level of skill before being promoted to the Youth Band.

The bands play a wide range of music; from classical/traditional, to marches and hymns, as well as more contemporary music and popular movie themes.

Statement of Purpose:

The aim of the HSYB Inc. is to provide an opportunity for young people, of all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, to develop their musical education in brass instruments and support our community through musical performance

The band’s Statement of purpose is as follows:

  • To encourage support for the band and its activities amongst parents and the local community
  • To provide suitable social and recreational activities for Band members.
  • To endeavour in all ways to keep affiliations with the Victorian Bands League (V.B.L.) and/or the National Bands Council of Australia (NBCA) by registering band members and taking part in the annual State and National Competitions

Values Statement

Our band shares and operates by the following values:


  • we support all band members being included in all activities


  • we respect each member as an individual including their rights, cultural heritage, religion, abilities and privacy


  • we endeavour to provide a safe environment


  • we ensure all band members are treated fairly and compassionately

Band before Individuals

  • We ensure the good of the band takes precedence over the interests of the individuals ensuring decisions made by the office bearers are made in the best interests of the band and not to benefit the individuals or their interests.

Code of conduct

  1. We act in the best interests of the band
  1. We act with honesty and integrity
  1. We maintain a safe nurturing environment for all our members
  1. We maintain respect and confidentiality
  1. We comply with relevant laws and policies
  1. We act in accordance with our values at all times

Promotion and Grading Process

To help members understand how and when children will be promoted from the Junior Band to the Youth Band, a process has been developed which clearly outlines the steps involved as well as the reasoning. This process applies to new band members as well to determine which band they will join when they first become a member of the organisation.

Click here for the Promotion and Grading Process

Click here for the Promotion and Grading Process Flow Chart