Alpine Festival Camp June 17th to 19th 2022 Full Details

Valley Homestead – Great Alpine Rd

Ovens, Victoria 3738

Fri 17th – Sun 19th June 2022 RSVP 25th May




The Valley Homestead is approx. a 3½hr drive from Melbourne and is located approx. 11km from Myrtleford on the left hand side of the road as you head towards Bright.

Attendees can arrive from 6pm. Please ensure you report to David Greilach when you arrive for room allocation and to check off.

Friday dinner will not be provided and attendees should make their own arrangements for dinner.



Band members                          $120    (memberships must be paid prior to 18th May to qualify)

Parents and non-members     $245

This event is supported by the City of Maribyrnong Triennial Grants program

Camp Contacts

David Greilach            0491 336 636             at camp all weekend

Winifred Beevers        0414 601 702              at camp all weekend
Valley Homestead      5752 2187                   Only in the event you cannot contact David

Covid Management

I am sure by now you are all used to the need to manage covid issues to avoid attendees becoming infected. The following will apply:

 Covid Marshall                      David Greilach

 Pre camp

All attendees must complete a RAT 48hrs prior to the commencement of camp and email or text a photo of the completed test to David Greilach on 0491 336 636 by Thursday evening 16th June

If you come to camp without completing a test you will be required to completed one immediately before entering the facilities or return home. If you do not have a test available, you can purchase one from David at a cost of $12.

Symptoms at camp

Any attendee displaying symptoms of Covid whilst at camp will be required to complete a RAT. If the results are positive, they will be isolated in either a boys or girls dorm room allocated for this purpose.

It will be the responsibility of the attendee’s family to arrange transport back to Melbourne as soon as possible should an attendee test positive.


Bell covers                             Instrument bells covers may be required both at camp and at the public performance.

Face masks                            Each member must bring spare face masks to camp however at this stage these will not be used unless attendees test positive to covid.

Hand sanitiser                    Hand sanitiser will be available for use.

Sharing instruments        The sharing of instruments or mouth pieces is strictly forbidden.


Transport to camp and carpooling

A 24 seat bus will be running from Melbourne to the Homestead and will provide transport around the area over the weekend for those not wishing to drive. Please indicate if you wish to catch the bus on your RSVP. The buss will depart from Newport at 4.30pm and from Footscray train station at 5.00pm.

The drive is approx. 3½ hours from Newport (not accounting for Friday night traffic) and thus I would encourage people to be on the road no later than 5.00pm (or earlier if you live further away).

Food options on the Highway are limited to BP Wallan (KFC, McDonalds, Coffee), Ampol Seymour (pies, sandwiches, burgers, salads etc) and BP Glenrowan.

Sleeping arrangements

It is expected there will be a mix of family groups, single adults and unaccompanied kids attending camp. David is doing his best to allocate family rooms for parents attending with their kids, a dorm room for boys and another for the girls.

Room allocations will be available when we get to camp if not sooner.

There will also be an isolation room for anyone with Covid symptoms.

What do I need to pack?

Attendees will need to provide:

  • Their own bed linen, pillow and a towel. It is up to each what they prefer i.e. sleeping bag or sheets and a doona etc
  • Your instrument.
  • Bell covers.
  • Suitable clothing including something warm.
  • Any medication required with clear instructions as to dosage and frequency. Please let us know if adult supervisors are expected to assist in administering the medication.
  • You may bring some snack foods to share but don’t go overboard. Too much sugar on camps is never a good thing. Please do not bring anything with nuts.
  • Do not bring valuables to camp. Things get lost. Things get broken. Best avoid any issues and leave stuff at home.
  • All attendees must bring at least one RAT should it be necessary for that person to conduct a test during camp.
  • Face mask for use if required.

Use of phone and digital devices

It is near on impossible these days to stop kids (and adults) from bringing and using digital devices. Please remember the purpose of band camp and be considerate to others.

All band members in non-family rooms, will be required to leave their digital devices in the main dining room at night when going to bed. This is to ensure that members are not disturbed by other people playing on phones etc at bedtime.

Whilst large devices are discouraged, for those who may need laptops etc to complete schoolwork, these may also be brought to camp but the same rules above applies.

Code of conduct

Parents should have a chat with kids before camp to remind them to be respectful at camp. We have had very few issues in the past and I’d sooner these be avoided. Older attendees should watch out for the younger attendees and exclusion of anyone from activities etc will not be looked upon favourably. This weekend is all about having a good time, enjoying music and being part of the band community.

The same applies to adult helpers. There are likely to be plenty of times you can assist so feel free to jump in and help without needing to be asked. It’s so much more fun when everyone mucks in.

In the event of disrespectful behaviour, the individuals(s) concerned may either be withdrawn from the program and isolated or parents may be required to come to camp and pick kids up. Trust me, late night drives to Ovens aren’t fun.


Adults attending camp may bring something to drink with them however alcohol must only be consumed either with or after evening meals, only in the dining room or areas as otherwise advised and only in moderation.

Camp Program

Our wonderful musical directors are preparing the camp program. There will be some non-music activities which may include dual flying fox and free fall slide so once again, please bring suitable attire. There is a fantastic bike trail running past the venue so feel free to bring your own bike (if driving) or you can use one from the camp at a small charge.

Alpine Brass Festival

The band will be performing in the Alpine Brass Festival in Bright on Saturday afternoon. Further details on performance time will be provided closer to the camp. The festival is being held in the Bright Entertainment Centre, Railway Ave Bright from 2.00pm to 9.00pm. Check out Skunkworks website for full details.

Transport home

Activities at the actual camp are expected to end at noon on the 19th when attendees will grab a quick lunch so they can head off back to Melbourne. The bus will depart the camp at 2.00pm and should arrive back at Footscray station by 6.30pm.


RSVPs must be received by the 18th May including a completed medical consent form for all attendees including adults/parents along with full payment. Whilst adults/parents need not complete the existing medical conditions sections, the allergies and dietary requirements and travel sections are a must. Medical forms can either be scanned and emailed to or handed to Winifred or David at rehearsals. Please do not take photos of forms and send them as these never work very well.

Bank account details for payments are as follows:

Bank                                      Bendigo bank

Account name                   Hyde Street Youth Band Inc.

Account number              137 261 616

BSB                                        633000

Please reference your payment with the family name followed by “BAF” eg “Smith BAF”

Click here for Medical consent form