Alpine Brass Festival – What to take.

The Bright Camp is fast approaching. I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to this event. Bright should look beautiful in all its Autumn colours and I’m sure we will all have fun.

Below is a list of things you’ll need to take:

  • Instrument
  • Bell cover
  • Spit cloth
  • Black trousers (not leggings)
  • Band Jacket and tie
  • White business type shirt
  • Black shoes and socks
  • Casual clothes to have fun in
  • Make sure you have something warm. It will be cold at night
  • Casual footwear i.e. runners
  • Spending money for dinner on the way to camp and in case you wish to buy things in Bright
  • A torch for night activities

If you do not have a band jacket and tie, please see David at rehearsal as soon as possible to get one. Do not leave it to the last minute.

Room Allocations

First name Surname Room
Helen Myer-Tinning 5
Otto Myer-Tinning 5
Abe Orkin 7
Clancy McCue 7
Cole Webb 7
Connor Lemke 7
Levi Orkin 7
Liam Hetherich 7
Byard sibbling Byard 9
Jacqui Byard 9
Theo Byard 9
Thomas Byard 9
Grandma Pivec 12
Jane Pivec 12
Matt Pivec 12
Romey Peuser 12
Atticus Lawson 15
Ethan Orme 15
Harrison Brink 15
Ruben Millman 15
Angus Irvin 16
Linda Ely 16
Malia Weiner 17
Matt Weiner 17
David Greilach 19
Emma Greilach 19
Ben Hamilton 20
Bronwyn Hamilton 20
George Hamilton 20
Tom Hamilton 20
Bethany McAuliffe-D’Rozario 21
Evelyn Orme 21
Hetty Lawson 21
Ilana Hetherich 21
Polly Butterfield 21
Adam Lewellyn 22
Cam Lewellyn 22
Levi Lewellyn 22
Nash Lewellyn 22
Libby Matherson 23
Wallace Butterfield 23
Alistair McKeown 6
Jasper McKeown 6