EOY Concert 5th Dec

Now that lockdown is finally over, we are a little bit more certain we can hold our end of year concert. This event will be held at the Spotswood Kingsville RSL Club in the afternoon of Sunday 5th December. The club is located on The Avenue in Spotswood just west of the Melbourne Rd intersection.

1.30pm                Pre-concert set up

2.30pm               Rehearsal

3.00pm               Audience arrival

3.30pm               Concert commences

At the completion of the performance (including a few carols for all to sing) an afternoon team will be shared by all. Please bring a plate.

Dress code for bands is as follows:

HSTB  and HSJB                  Polos and black trousers, shoes and socks

HSYB                                       Formal band jacket, white shirt, black shoes and socks

Admission is $2 and guests are welcome.