Roles and Responsibilities

Hyde Street Youth Band

Committee and other Band Positions Roles and Responsibilities

Under Hyde Street Youth Band’s Rule of Incorporation it is required to have a number of office bearers, voted on by the members. These are President, Treasurer and Secretary.

Roles and responsibilities of these roles are described below, along with those of Vice President and other positions within the Band.

Committee meetings are held every two months.


The President is responsible for:

  • Driving the direction of the band as an organisation including considering what the band may need to do in the future
  • Chairing committee meetings and the AGM
  • Encouraging members to contribute ideas and then manage the implementation of these ideas
  • Coordinating gigs and events including setup and pack down (a task that can be shared with and delegated to other members)
  • Welcoming new band members and providing an introduction to the band, including distributing instruments. A band information sheet and code of conduct has been developed to assist in this.
  • Being the key point of contact for receiving and managing any members’ complaints or concerns including child safety issue. (Note that complaints are extremely rare and the current President has never had a child safety issue).
  • Supporting the Musical Directors in the delivery of their roles
  • Supporting other office bearers to perform their roles.
  • Exploring funding opportunities
  • Liaising with Footscray Yarraville City Band when required

Time commitment: approximately 1hr per week

While it is not necessary to be at band each week it is preferable to attend most weeks, to be available for informal discussions with band parents and musical directors.

Vice President

The Vice President’s role is to support the President, particularly where the President is unavailable to chair meetings. Many of the week to week tasks currently undertaken by the President could be shared with the Vice President.


The key responsibilities of the treasurer are to:

  • Receive and process, mostly vie e-banking, all invoices the band receives
  • Bank any monies the band receives, noting its source (eg Bunnings BBQ profits)
  • Track the above monies received and payments on an Excel spread sheet, requiring a basic understanding of Excel
  • Summarise payments and receipts onto an annual report to the AGM and provide a report at committee meetings on the current band balances
  • Complete biannual reporting on the bands ROCO[1]
  • Invoice members their annual fee and follow up any outstanding payments. This occurs at the beginning of every calendar year or when a new member joins during the year.
  • Prepare receipts for donations.

Time commitment:  approximately 30 minutes per week and for most of the year and 2-3 hours once per year when preparing member fee invoices

Attendance at bi-monthly committee meetings is strongly encouraged however it is not necessary to be at band each week


The secretary is the key point of contact for the band. Key responsibilities include:

  • Receiving all incoming mail
  • Responding on behalf of the band to incoming email, mail and requests in consultation with the President
  • Preparing information to members on upcoming gigs including uniform requirements and where to meet etc based on a template, distributed via the newsletter. A basic level of familiarity with email and word processing applications it required.
  • Completing lodgement forms for competitions including National and State Band competitions
  • Collecting band mail from HSYB’s PO box in Seddon
  • Distributing agendas prior to committee meetings and AGM
  • Taking and distributing minutes of committee meetings and AGM
  • Keeping records of the above

Time commitment: approximately. 30 minutes per week for most of the year, rising to 1 ½ hours per week in the weeks preceding competitions e.g. States and Nationals.

Attendance at bi-monthly committee meetings is strongly encouraged however it is not necessary to be at band each week

 BBQ Coordinators

The role of the BBQ Coordinators is to organise the Bunnings BBQs and BBQ for the annual Carols in Yarraville Gardens. This includes:

  • Liaising with Bunnings to get the band on the BBQ rosters. This requires attending the West Footscray store on one night for a community information evening (approximately 2hrs) and calling the Bunnings Community Events Coordinator at Maribyrnong.
  • Checking stock on hand against a list of required stock two weeks prior to the BBQ
  • Ordering extra stock from Coles (online it very easy)
  • Loading stock and equipment into the band trailer
  • Preparing a roster by seeking volunteers or allocating shifts (generally 2 hours blocks)
  • Arranging or taking the stock/trailer to the BBQ and returning stock/trailer to the band room: A tow ball on your car to pull the trailer helps but you can always arrange for someone with a tow ball to do the drop off and pick up
  • Counting and banking takings

The preparation for a BBQ takes approximately 1hr

 General week to week tasks

  • General clean up and resetting of the band rooms
  • Washing dirty dishes and putting away after band
  • General cleaning and maintenance around the band rooms, in conjunction with other band room users including FYCB and Western Brass

[1] Register of Cultural Organisations