Support the Band

HSYB aims to build long term relationships with corporate sponsors, organisations and individuals who have an interest in supporting youth music within our community. Whilst many avenues exist for young people to become involved with sport in our society, the opportunities for those wishing to partake in music and the arts are far fewer. HSYB is one of the very few community based bands in Melbourne providing this opportunity to young people and at an extremely low cost.

What are the benefits of donating to HSYB?

The benefit of donating to the HSYB for many is the profound knowledge that you have contributed to an organization that provides an outlet for young people not otherwise provided within our community. In simple terms, the pleasure is in giving.

For corporate sponsors, the pleasure is also in part in the giving however HSYB is also proud to recognize our corporate sponsors on our website, Facebook page and where appropriate, on signage and uniforms.

How would my donation be spent?

HYSB accepts donations in several ways however generally these are received via a ROCO (Register of Cultural Organizations) account. Donations to this account cannot be used for general administration costs and are used for the replacement of instruments and equipment. These donations are also tax deductible.

Donations may also be made to assist in general running costs however as the band runs on a very low budget, general running costs are normally covered by band memberships and payments received for performances.

Corporate sponsorships and grants are also received and are often tied to a specific project or purchases.

Can I donate in kind?

HSYB runs a number of events including fundraising auctions and raffles each year to raise money from outside the band family. Donations in kind of items and services suitable for use on raffles and auctions are always received with much appreciation and may be a way for business and individuals to donate in a more affordable manner.

Donation of instruments.

Over the nearly 90 years of its existence, the HSYB has been the recipient of many donated instruments of varying ages and qualities. Instrument donations are always welcome and the band has members capable of assessing the suitability of any instruments offered for future use. Instruments donated to the band should be:

  • From a reputable maker preferable from Australia, Japan, UK, US, Germany or other European origins
  • Be in good working order although even instrument in need of some reconditioning will be considered
  • With lacquer in good condition
  • Free from major damage. Minor dints and abrasions are normal in used instruments

Instruments which originate in India and China are often made from recycled brass and can often be difficult to play, do not hold notes well and have poor sound quality. If in doubt please contact the band and we can assist in understanding the suitability of instruments for future use.

What is HSYB current raising funds for?

HSYB has two major fund drives at present:

  • we are applying for grants and raising money to purchase new instruments so we can “Expand the Band” and accept more band members
  • in conjunction with the Footscray Yarraville City Band HSYB is currently raising money to purchase additional percussion instruments including tubular bells.

Below is a list of our supporters:

HSYB is supported by the City of Maribyrnong

Gold Sponsors

Repeated sponsorship in excess of $1,000 or value

Silver Sponsors

Sponsorship in excess of $1,000 or value

Bronze Sponsors