VBL Age Limit changed for Junior Bands

Breaking News. The Victorian Bands League has changed it’s rules for Junior musicians lifting the age limit to 22yrs. This occured after an extended period of lobbying on behalf of all youth bands by our hard working president, Winifred Beevers and started as an idea of our MD, Phillipa Edwards.

For far too long, young musicians were forced to leave Junior Bands just at the same time as they were leaving high school which all too often resulted in these young musicians giving up brass music. This change means that now young musicians can continue to perform with Junior Bands until they have finished Uni and are really making their own way in life.

We are yet to fully understand if this will follow through to nationals rules but hope that before too long we can share an update with you as well.

Congratulations Winifred and the VBL. A job well done.