Expectations of Members

A key tenet of the HSYB is to maintain accessibility for all socio-economic groups, and therefore it is important to keep membership fees to an absolute minimum.  To assist in meeting this goal, the HSYB conducts activities throughout the year to raise additional funds.  We expect  that members and/or their families will further support the HSYB by assisting at occasional fund raising events such as sausage sizzles. Fortunately, this requirement remains quite minimal.

It is also expected that members are willing to participate in a number of public musical performances throughout the year to help support our community.



Every member of the Hyde Street Youth Band Inc. (HSYB & HSJB) contributes to the overall quality, success and reputation of the organisation. The following Rehearsal and Performance Code of Conduct has been developed to ensure all members understand and agree to the expectations of the organisation.


The Musical Directors have a challenging role in delivering an engaging and enjoyable programme to members. Every ensemble member has a role to play in assisting them.

Members of both HSYB and HSJB are required to:

  1. Attend rehearsal on time. Being late disrupts all band members.
  2. Bring a pencil to make notes on music and lyres when marching practice is planned.
  3. Give your full attention at rehearsals and undertake what is asked of you by the conductor.
  4. Listen and communicate in a polite and respectful manner to the band conductor as well as all other students.
  5. Show respect to your Musical Director and fellow band members by not interrupting, disturbing or engaging in disruptive behaviour during rehearsals including by way of the use of digital devices.
  6. Keep the rehearsal space tidy and clean up after yourself by putting crockery and glassware away and throwing rubbish in the bins provided.
  7. At the end of rehearsal all instruments and mutes must be put away. Music folders must be returned to the storage shelf and are not to be taken home. If music is required, photo copies should be made.
  8. Treat other band members with respect: teasing, bullying and swearing is unacceptable.
  9. At the end of rehearsal assist with washing dishes, checking toilets are locked, vacuuming and mopping if necessary and resetting the band room for the next rehearsal.


The band office bearers organise a range of public performance opportunities for the band and whilst not all members must attend every event, partaking in public performance is core to being part of the band.

Members must:

  • Indicate their availability to attend events as soon as requested to do so by completing the band’s event tracker Google Doc found on the web site.
  • Attend events fully prepared with music, instruments, lyres and appropriate uniforms
  • Members are responsible for their own equipment, music and belongings and should not expect others to pick up after them.
  • Members must assist in setting up and packing down events and should volunteer their support at the earliest convenience
  • On stage members must behave appropriately and appear engaged. While it can be disappointing to not perform as well as hoped, it is important not conveys this to the audience.
  • When at events or in band uniform, members represent the band and must behave accordingly.


The quality of the band is dependent upon every performer performing to the best of their ability. Preparation is key to this and band members should therefore maintain a regular practice schedule.

If members need a guide to how often or how long they should practice, please discuss this with their Musical Director.


Instruments are very expensive, and members are responsible for ensuring they look after instruments on loan from the band. Minor bumps and scratches do occur. However should any major damage to instruments occur which effects the performance or the aesthetics of the instrument, the relevant band member will be responsible for covering the cost of repairs.  Such damage would include bent bells, piping, significant or deep dents, broken pipes and so on to instruments or cases. Members will not be held responsible for general wear and tear.

Members are encouraged to consider insuring instruments on their home and contents insurance.

Regular care and cleaning of instruments is important in creating the best sound possible. Instruments can be washed in lukewarm water and must be dried thoroughly.

Please see the band President for more information on instrument care. If unsure what to do, do not wash instruments and ask for help instead.

Valves and slides should be oiled and greased regularly. Whilst there is generally oil and slide grease available at the band rooms, members should have their own stock. These items can be purchased online or through reputable music shops that deal in brass instruments.