What we offer

The Hyde Street Youth Band (HSYB) offers three youth oriented musical ensembles in the traditional British ‘brass band’ style.  The first ensemble is the “Youth Band”, which aims to maintain a high standard of musical competence for children and adolescents up to the age of 19.  The Youth Band regularly participates in state and national music championships, and also performs annually at local community events including the ANZAC Day parade at the Shrine of Remembrance, Christmas Carols by Candlelight in the Yarraville Gardens, and the Seddon and Yarraville Community Festivals. To participate in this ensemble, children must be at an approximate AMEB level 3 as a minimum

The second ensemble is the “Junior Band”, which is for intermediate level musicians. Like the “Youth Band”, this ensemble performs at some public events and competes in state championships and other eisteddfods. To participate in this ensemble children must be at an approximate AMEB level 1 as a minimum.

The third ensemble is the “Training Band”, which provides an opportunity for children as young as 5, who have little or no music experience, to develop their musical skills and confidence prior to entering the “Junior Band”.

The HYSB provides musical instruments to all of its members on a loan basis.  While the age and quality of the instruments may vary, they are always fit-for-purpose and well maintained by the HSYB throughout their serviceable life.  Further, the HSYB is constantly upgrading its collection through the purchase of new or pre-loved instruments.  This can help save significant cost for families as their children learn a new musical instrument.

When inexperienced members join the HSYB, they are allocated an instrument to learn largely on the basis of the band’s requirements.  Some weight can be given to member preference, however, a brass band is made up of a variety of instruments and we need to ensure a suitable balance is maintained.  Nevertheless, opportunities are available for members to transition to other instruments as their interests and skills develop.