Join Us

New members are always welcome and can join any time of the year. As we are a youth band, members can only compete with the band up to the end of the year they turn 19. Our youngest training band members have been as young as 5 or 6.

I have never played an instrument before

For those who have never played an instrument before, an introduction period in the Training Band is necessary. In this band, new members will be provided an instrument and given some basic tuition on how to play.

The period of time spent in the training band varies very much on the commitment and ability of the individual. Some training band members have been promoted to the main band within 6 months and others have taken 2 years. Having said this, it is usual for inexperienced players to spend 12 to 18 months in the training band building both the skills and confidence required for public performance in the main band.

I am an experienced musician

New members with past experience are warmly welcomed straight into the main band.

What Instrument Can I Play?

When inexperienced members join the HSYB, they are allocated an instrument to learn largely on the basis of the band’s requirements.  Some weight can be given to member preference, however, a brass band is made up of a variety of instruments and we need to ensure a suitable balance is maintained.  Nevertheless, opportunities are available for members to transition to other instruments as their interests and skills develop.

New band members with past experience will try to be accommodated with the instrument that they have previously been playing where possible.


Current fee $100 for first family member and $60 for subsequent family members. A $10 per child resource fee also applies.

How do I join

New members should first make initial contact with either the President or Secretary via the contact details on the Contact page and should then attend a rehearsal for either the main band or the training band.